Work of Weatherizing Buildings
Building Envelope, Part 1: Air Seal
Building Envelope, Part 2: Insulating

Insulation versus Air Flow

Insulation Options

Safety Risks Review

Insulating Walls

Insulating Ceilings and Attics

Insulating Raised Floors

Insulating Crawlspaces/ Basements
Weatherizing Mobile Homes
Base Load Measures
HVAC and Ductwork
Building Performance Institute Inc.

Building Envelope, Part 2: Insulating

Building on the discussion of thermal performance in The Work of Weatherizing Buildings, this course focuses on the practical methods of increasing insulation levels in walls, floors, attics, and crawlspaces. Emphasis will be placed on identifying pre-existing moisture conditions, and details that can impact the long-term performance of the envelope.

The course will conclude with a final exam which requires a score of 80% or better to pass.

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