Building Science for Weatherization
Fundamentals of Weatherization Project Management
Crew Chief Inspections
Diagnostic Testing

Blower Door Types

Conducting Blower Door Tests

Zone Pressure Diagnostics: Basic Tests

Qualitative Air Flow Analysis

Leak-Testing Air Barriers

Conducting Duct Leakage Tests

Infrared Analysis
Managing Combustion Appliance Safety
Building Performance Institute Inc.

Diagnostic Testing

Technical advances in home performance diagnostic testing are fundamentally responsible for the success of the Weatherization Assistance Program. The testing procedures afforded by new diagnostic tools give Crew Chiefs the ability to measure the effectiveness of a weatherization crew's work. Installers are introduced to these tools and procedures at earlier training levels, but it is up to the Crew Chiefs to verify that the tests are conducted properly and the results recorded accurately.

The course will conclude with a final exam which requires a score of 80% or better to pass.

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