Introduction to Building Analysis
Building Evaluations
Energy Modeling
Building Diagnostics

Initial Blower Door Analysis

Calculating Air Flow

Blower Door Test-Out

Measuring Zone Pressure Imbalance

Duct Leakage and Design Diagnostics

Duct-Induced Air Pressure

Thermographic Inspections

CAZ Depressurization

Base Load Metering
Inspecting Mobile Homes
Building Performance Institute Inc.

Building Diagnostics

Air leaks into and out of buildings compromise the thermal performance and indoor environmental quality of building far faster and to a greater degree than any other factor. But controlling convection, the flow of heated air, can be a head scratcher in existing buildings. Building on the principles established at the Crew Chief training level, this course provides prospective auditors with a greater understanding of the diagnostic tools and procedures in the analysis of a building's air-sealing needs.

The course will conclude with a final exam which requires a score of 80% or better to pass.

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