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Combustion Appliance Safety

One of the most important parts of the training for weatherization professionals is learning to understand that weatherization work can have a profound impact on the performance of combustion appliances, such as furnaces, water heaters, boilers, and fireplaces, with potentially deadly consequences.

This lesson begins to familiarize prospective weatherization workers with the terminology and basic principles of combustion safety.

At the conclusion of the lesson students will be able to:

  • Name the parts of a gas-burning furnace
  • Explain the concept of efficiency as it relates to heating equipment
  • Identify the different types of gas furnaces and their efficiencies
  • Describe the safety concerns that need to be taken into account when dealing with combustion appliances
  • Explain house pressurization and how it relates to combustion safety

Watch our example videos for this lesson by clicking on the link(s) below:
Part 1- CAS Terminology
Part 2- CAS Principals

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