Work of Weatherizing Buildings
Building Envelope, Part 1: Air Seal

Pressurization Principles

Blower Door/ Duct Blaster Terminology

Thermal Bypasses

Selecting Caulking/ Foaming

Applying Caulking/ Foaming

Air Sealing Attics

Window Performance

Weatherizing Windows

Weatherizing Doors
Building Envelope, Part 2: Insulating
Weatherizing Mobile Homes
Base Load Measures
HVAC and Ductwork
Building Performance Institute Inc.

Thermal Bypasses

A thermal bypass is the unwanted movement of heat around or through a home's thermal insulation. Bypasses are a major source of increased energy use, as well as of other problems, so it's important that the weatherization professional be able to spot and repair them.

In this lesson students will learn:

  • What causes thermal bypasses
  • Where the most common convective bypasses in a home are located
  • How to identify these bypasses
  • How to seal bypasses

Watch our example videos for this lesson by clicking on the link(s) below:
Thermal Bypasses

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