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Sealing Mobile Home Ducts

Duct-sealing can provide one of the best opportunities for energy savings in a mobile home. This lesson demonstrates proper techniques for sealing holes and leaks in mobile-home HVAC duct systems. Here, trained installers explain how to apply mastic and embedded fiberglass tape to seal duct leaks from the living space. They also demonstrate proper methods to apply two-part foam, which can be used to seal leaks outside the home.

After completing this lesson, students will be able to:

  • Understand the benefits of sealing mobile home ducts
  • Recognize the typical components of a mobile home duct system
  • Identify the five most common leakage points in a mobile home's duct system
  • Explain the proper techniques for sealing holes and connections in leaky ductwork
  • Describe the proper application of duct mastic and embedded fiberglass tape
  • Discuss why two-part foam should be used to seal leaks only outside the home

Watch our example videos for this lesson by clicking on the link(s) below:
Sealing Mobile Home Ducts

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