Work of Weatherizing Buildings
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Building Envelope, Part 2: Insulating
Weatherizing Mobile Homes
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Exhaust Ventilation Overview

Installing Ventilation
Building Performance Institute Inc.

Installing Ventilation

A tight house needs mechanical ventilation to remove pollutants from the air. Very often, this can be satisfied by an exhaust-only fan in a kitchen or bathroom. However the fan needs to be powerful enough to adequately vent the house, needs to be properly ducted to the outside, and needs to be balanced by an adequate source of fresh air.

After completing this lesson you will be able to:

  • Describe what's involved in the replacement of an old exhaust fan
  • Explain the correct procedures for installing a wall cap on the outside of the house
  • Know how to install new ductwork between the wall cap and the fan

Watch our example videos for this lesson by clicking on the link(s) below:
Installing Ventilation

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