Work of Weatherizing Buildings

Building Envelope, Part 1: Air Seal

Building Envelope, Part 2: Insulating

Weatherizing Mobile Homes

Base Load Measures

HVAC and Ductwork

Building Performance Institute Inc.


The training at this level applies to individuals that have completed the Fundamentals Level course tests, and are seeking an entry-level field position on a weatherization crew. Installers are managed by a Crew Chief, and implement the measures defined by an Auditor. Prospective Installers will be introduced to best practices in air sealing, insulating, duct sealing and base-load energy improvements for conventional homes and mobile homes. In addition, Installers will be introduced to the essential concepts in building science in order to help them understand not just how, but why particular measures need to be taken to improve the energy efficiency, combustion safety and indoor air quality of buildings.

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